Beaches Near Jacmel Haiti

When I lived in Jacmel, Haiti, one of the best memories of my time were the beaches outside of Jacmel. We would walk a few miles outside of town towards Marigot and find our little uninhabited beach. One of my favorite things is a beach with absolutely no one else in sight. That was a different time, but there are still beaches that are not too crowded for most of the week around Jacmel. Here are three of the most prominent beaches.

Raymond Les Bains Beach

Raymond Les Bains is about 10 miles east of Jacmel. This is towards Marigot and the Dominican Republic border. Getting to the beach is interesting in and of itself because you have the Caribbean Sea on one side of you and small communities and farming on the other side of you. You get to enjoy the beauty of Haiti on your way to the beach.

People love Raymond Les Bains for a couple of reasons. One is the softness of the sand. It is white and pure and a picturesque Caribbean setting. The second is the clarity of the water. If you think of the Caribbean Sea, this is what you will picture in your mind.

Cyvadier Beach and Hidden Cove

Located just 10 minutes from jacmel, Cyvadier Beach is adjacent to the Hotel Cyvadier. It is a small beach, but very enjoyable.  One of the surprises you will find is a hidden spring that feeds directly into the Caribbean Sea.

Ti Mouillage

Ti Mouillage is also on the road towards Marigot and just a few minutes outside Jacmel, Haiti. This is a favorite beach of the locals on the weekends. However,  during the week, you may have the beach to yourself (or, almost). On the weekends, you will find local crowds with families playing and enjoying each others company. The beach is kept clean.