Tour Groups in Haiti

Have you found yourself with an extra day in Haiti and wondered what you could see and experience other than the city, or the beach?  I have found myself in that very position. I wanted to get out of the city and see something different.  After all, the rich history of Haiti didn’t just happen in the confines of Port-au-Prince. There is a huge fortress just outside of Milot called La Citadelle overlooking the north coast. Throughout the country, there are waterfalls (saut d’eaux) for a refreshing experience. And then there are plantations scattered across the country.

Here are three tour companies that specialize in short trips inside of Haiti to explore and truly discover why Haiti is called La Perle des Antilles.

Voyages Lumieres S.A.

Voyages Lumieres S.A. has a variety of tours that range from a Gingerbread House Tour in areas of Port-au-Prince to day trips to Cap Haitian or the south coast with Jacmel being the highlight. Tours rates start at US$250 and range to US$900 depending on the tour and the number of people in the tour.

Tour Haiti

Tour Haiti is another well established tour company in Haiti which specializes on the sites of Haiti. Their tour offerings range from a half day to three days.  If you only have a day to see Haiti, you can schedule a day trip to Cap Haitian, or several other locations. These trips include a flight and transportation. If you have a little longer, you can always schedule a three day tour. No prices are given because the price depends on how many people are on the tour.

Stellar Haiti

Stellar Haiti has been working in Haiti for the past five years and is an ecotourism based company. Stellar Haiti offers tours from one day to seven days and all types of experiences from the beach to arts and hiking. They have some interesting options which include trips to Ile de Vache, Ile de la Gonave and a hike from the mountains to the Caribbean coastline. No rates are given.